Cabinet Audits

Cabinet Audits

Server Room and Cabinet Audits

Changes to your IT infrastructure are essential when you are a growing business or a large organisation, to ensure you are a step ahead of the competition.

Over time, server rooms and communication cabinets can start to reach full capacity. Bundles of patch-cords and redundant equipment - this can reduce your network performance, cause unplanned downtime and can be a health and safety hazard.

We can resolve this issue and increase the efficiency of your network or perform the following tasks when the system is live:
Create Patching Schedule
Upgrade Cabinet
Reinstall patch cords using the correct length and using cable management
Remove all patch cords
Label patch cords with unique ID
Install colour coded patch cords to differentiate services
We understand the risks involved and consequently our project management goes beyond the technical specification to map out in detail the project logistics, ensuring that networks are back up and running on time. 

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