Installation & Deployment

Installation & Deployment

Professional Installation and Deployment Services

ACI Integrated Solutions professional installation and deployment services can alleviate the pressure of roll outs and large logistical installation projects. With our UK wide coverage we deliver fast and effective deployment so that you can rapidly realise the benefits of investment in new hardware.

Our installation and deployment services are also perfect if you require additional resource installing interactive boards, setting up large quantities of desktops or mounting wireless access points.

In essence we provide a complete suite of hardware rollout services to free up or add to internal IT resources which will help to streamline the deployment process and make things as straightforward as possible.
Multiple PC roll outs
Pre-Configured Router Installs
Printer installations
Workgroup network installations
Network Kit installations
Interactive Display installations
Projector Installations

Installation & Deployments

We can also help with installations in hard to reach places like ceilings or high wall mounts, where scaffolds, high access equipment or specialist handling is required.

Our approach to planning and service delivery helps to reduce costs and ensure that installations are completed on time and within budget. We can provide the technical resources you need to set up and configure systems correctly to eliminate problems that can cause unforeseen issues for your users and a headache that your IT department can do without.

We can dispose of your redundant hardware securely and in accordance with the latest environmental legislation W.E.E.E. (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) or offer advice on recycling options. 

Other Additional Services

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