Visual Communications

Visual Communications

Bring people closer together 

Here at ACI Integrated Solutions, we offer both cloud hosted, on premise video conferencing and collaborative solutions. 

Whether you require a fully immersive video conferencing solution, a small huddle room or a cloud hosted software solution, ACI can bring people closer together in the click of a button as well as keeping it simple, affordable and as easy as making a phone call.

Reliable Performance

Sustains high quality conferences over links with variable bandwidth such as wireless and the public Internet. Using dynamic network adaptation, the video is continuously optimized to deliver the best quality possible at any given moment. 

Extremely Scalable

From a single software client to a large geographical rollout, ACI can tailor a requirement to fit your exact needs.

Flexible Price plans

From a single user to full video collaboration platform ACI can provide a pricing structure and plan that suits your company needs.

Secure Communication

Your conversations will always remain confidential with industry standard encryption and software that has been hardened inside and out.

Highest Quality

Clear communication requires crystal clear video. 

With support for Ultra HD 4K resolution you can share content without losing detail or see participants on multiparty video conferences in full HD resolution. 

We deliver industry leading video conferencing resolution.

Click and Meet

With an ever fast paced moving environment the ability to “click and meet” from any location in any country brings people together instantly. 

With an ever more mobile workforce and staff working from home, click and meet from ACI can bring your workforce closer creating a more efficient working machine.

Your workforce is mobile, dispersed, and often at home. Employees need efficient and effective interpersonal collaboration, and are more engaged over video. 

They expect exceptional quality, instant connectivity, and access from wherever they work.

Reduce Company Overheads

Strong business performance relies on excellent communication and complete understanding. 

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Having the ability to have an Ad-hoc face to face meeting to make those important decisions without leaving the office or home can have a massive impact on cost, time as well as providing a quick return on investment. 

Here at ACI Integrated solutions we strongly believe once a company adopts a Video conferencing solution, productivity will soar as well as overheads. 
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