Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre Optic Cabling

Fast and reliable fibre optic cable installation

From data centres, office buildings, industrial sites, University campuses to wind farms, here at ACI Integrated Solutions we install and maintain reliable fibre optic networks for high speed IT systems that are critical for secure and future proofed networks.

We have the expertise to design and install fibre optic projects throughout the UK, working to the most up-to-date standards utilising specialist termination and test equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our skill set ranges from delivering blown fibre to pre-terminated and hard-wired multimode or single mode solutions, to provide scalable, future proofed solutions for any environment.

We can build and maintain reliable fibre optic networks for high capacity data delivery within local area networks. Additionally we can also advise and complete civil engineering projects on public highway or private ground to install underground ducting and jointing chambers in all environments. 

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